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“Former American Idol contestant Isaiah Grass debuts a new album.”

“American Idol season 18 contestant Isaiah Grass talks Aiken, new project. Chicago-based singer/songwriter Isaiah Grass released a dance mix album called “Dance in Love” this past Friday.”

“Former ‘American Idol’ contestant Chicago-based singer/songwriter Isaiah Grass releases “More Than Friends”. A melodic earworm that you will not forget about using social media and browsing the internet.”

“Former 'American Idol" contestant releases new music. Chicago - based singer/songwriter Isaiah Grass talks about writing songs after the show.”

“Sometimes a source of light comes from the most unexpected places. A conversation with a perfect stranger, for example. We spoke with Isaiah Grass the other day in an attempt to get his story. What we got instead was the story of humanity, of being there for each other during this COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Millions of viewers have seen Isaiah Grass‘ audition singing in front of the celebrity judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryant on American Idol. Contestants were asked to be prepared to sing three songs. In turn, one of the songs Isaiah prepared was ‘Take On Me.’ Additionally, he dedicated it to his vocal teacher who recently passed away. The song showcased everything his voice teacher trained him to do. Furthermore, the producers insisted Isaiah sing it for his audition on American Idol once they heard it.”

“American Idol 2020 Auditions: Isaiah Grass Shows Off His Big Range”

“Isaiah Grass is an incredible up and coming talent based in Chicago. We are very excited to have he and his new single "Wherever You Are" on Timbredio, and we were honored to learn a bit more about his musical journey.”

“Chicago – based singer/songwriter Isaiah Grass is spreading holiday cheer to everyone with his holiday single he wrote titled: ‘Christmas With You’, a heartwarming mid – tempo Christmas song about cherishing the ones you love more than the presents you receive.”

“Singer-songwriter Isaiah Grass performs holiday song that helps out a great cause”

“Isaiah Grass: at the top of pop-under in the USA.”

““This Is Not A Love Song” written by Isaiah begins with a catchy snappy beat that heightens throughout the track. As it progresses to it’s mountainous chorus, the electro-pop banger that takes us to vocal heaven as Grass preaches to its listeners about moving on from a past lover. The single is a perfect hype track that oozes with power & raw emotions.”

“When Isaiah Grass started singing in his church choir, it didn't take long for him to be noticed. Today his fan base continues to grow locally, and overseas. He's got over 300,000 social media fans and over 2 million views on his YouTube Channel. We are excited to welcome Isaiah to The Morning Blend for a performance of his new, original Christmas song "Christmas with You".”

“The next exciting performer to take the Roscoe Stage was "Isaiah Grass" a young artist working on launching his first album. He was high energy on stage with his back up dance team swirling around him. His deep haunting voice filled the street bringing the crowd closer to see who was making that awesome sound. From what I saw and heard I think this young man has a great career ahead of him!”

“UpNext Feature Artist : Isaiah Grass takes us into his ever changing world in "COLOR FAST"”

“Singer Isaiah Grass is growing in the music scene of Chicago. The local gigs are quickly adding up after singing the national anthem at a Chicago Fire game. He's conquered the House of Blues, Hard Rock Hotel and the sweaty crowds at Market Days. His debut single, "I'm a Freak," hit with almost 100,000 views less than a month after the video was released. Grass appeared recently at Macy's American Icons event on State Street and sat down with Windy City to talk music and the gay community.”


“Isaiah has proved to be an especially powerful force in Chicago, where he has played esteemed venues and had some of his most formative experiences. “My favorite venue,” he says, “is the House of Blues Chicago for the simple fact that so many legendary musicians have stepped on that stage.” He has also performed at the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago and sung the National Anthem for a Chicago Fire soccer game, which was in front of 20,000 people. Isaiah held the #1 position on Chicago’s ReverbNation pop charts for 8 straight weeks, and is consistently in the top two.”

"...his versatile vocal style and self-penned material sound well-suited to urban-contemporary radio. The single, “I’m A Freak,” has infectious synth beats, while the acoustic-based “Rainy Days” and “Starting Over” are light and breezy.Illinois Entertainer

“With this approach, his perseverance, dedication, commitment and discipline in the entertainment industry, for Isaiah, the sky is the limit and we are certain that he will achieve all of his goals and ambitions in a very short period of time.”

“Isaiah is one of underground pop music’s latest sensations. When most male pop artists are trying to duplicate other top artists on the charts, this guy is pushing the extremes of popular dance music and establishing his own unique sound and identity. His versatile vocal style and self-penned material are attracting international attention!”

“Hometown singer/dancer Isaiah Grass pulled out all the stops in his performance of original work. Grass featured four back-up dancers in a highly choreographed performance at the OMG Music Fest.”

“And the winner for "Male Pop Vocalist of the Year" is...Isaiah Grass”

“You are listening to a song that makes you feel better. It’s a pop song that expresses your feelings. It’s Isaiah Grass, a new talented artist that you discovered on the web! He is gorgeous! His first single was I’m a Freak. Well, sometimes you feel like a freak but not today! But you like this rhythm, you can dance alone, you can feel the beat! So, you play that song on repeat and you are ready to go! It’s 9 in the morning and you have so many hours to live, to feel, to dream! Good Luck! Poping Cherry presents you a new, special artist, the first for the New Year! Read, Listen and Dream On about Isaiah Grass!”

“When people experience those unexpected life changing moments, they either crash or crumble under the pressure. Isaiah however does not fit in this category. He has overcome many obstacles in his life that have made him stronger and wiser. He allows nothing to stop him in his pursuit in one of the most competitive careers in the entertainment industry!”

“Isaiah Grass is an American Pop Singer & Song Writer whom is quickly gaining recognition in the music industry as "the one to watch". His debut single, "I'm a Freak", was released worldwide on 01/11/11, becoming an internet hit with nearly 100,000 views in less than a month through his website. His second and third singles were acoustic songs with somewhat comparable results. Due to the phenomenal acceptance to his music, Isaiah released his Debut Album "Expect the Unexpected" on 12/12/12 available on CD and iTunes. This album contains 13 songs personally written by Isaiah with an array of pop, dance, and acoustic songs influenced by his unique style, music, lyrics and trend.”

“Isaiah’s music speaks out in many ways, of his own personal experiences, and of the experiences of people that he knows. His inspiration is colorfully diverse, coming from an array of genres, which accentuates the melodies of his songs. One of Chicago’s TOP NEW PERFORMERS, he is getting rave reviews!”

“You know the saying… Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.. You may look at this young man and would never guess he has a powerful voice, but in fact he does! Meet ISAIAH GRASS from Chicago.”

“If I had the talent to write music, had the range of his voice, had his good looks, and was 30 years younger. Your kids are going to love him and I recommend him to all ages as well. Click here for his website and you can sample and download his tunes.”

"The Latest SMASH Single from Pop Music Latest Sensation: ISAIAH GRASS"

“Pause for a brief moment and get a load of Isaiah Grass, one of underground pop music's latest sensations. When most male pop artists are trying to duplicate other top artists on the charts, this guy is pushing the extremes of popular dance music and establishing his own unique sound and identity”

“The One to Watch in 2011 and the years to come – Isaiah Grass”

“Meet our featured new artist, the extremely talented, young and beautiful Isaiah Grass. His latest single PHEROMONES is moving up the charts rapidly... Find out more about Isaiah at www.isaiahgrass.com Stay tuned to Radio Eros as we feature Isaiah right here. His music is available on iTunes”