Isaiah 58:1 / Press

“FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 3/14/2011 ISAIAH 58:1 The talented musician from Cincinnati, Ohio is set to release his exciting single “It’s Me,” a song that would relate to “It’s Me O Lord standing in the need of prayer.” ISAIAH 58:1 is preparing to release his debut album this coming spring 2011 titled: “THIS IS IT,” marking a huge stage in the career of the multitalented Holy Hip-Hop artist and songwriter. ISAIAH 58:1 is putting the final touches to the album, and is preparing for the imminent release that will help to promote Gods faithfulness, love, and Salvation. The rhythm is mid tempo and upbeat with a west coast flavor. Please contact for questions: www.spiritualgiftsenterprise.com Contact: Amanda Ward at 513-365-8815 Email: spiritualgiftsenterprise@yahoo.com ”

Amanda Ward - Spiritual Gifts Enterprise