Iron Mike Norton / Press

“Bluesy swamp stomp, indeed: this muhfuh is the real deal.”

“With his trademark gravel voice and blues slide guitar, Iron Mike showcases a more experimental side to the genre he’s dubbed “swamp stomp.” Whether he’s writing about love gone wrong or tossing off an instrumental, he’s all about harnessing unique guitar tones. There simply isn’t enough blues slide guitar in this world, but thanks to artists like Iron Mike, we can hope for a revitalization of the style.”

“Mixing blues, slide guitar and gritty rock in a genre called “swamp stomp,” Bad Monkey’s charm is irresistible. Pairing the gravel voice of Iron Mike with start-stop tempos creates powerful chugging blues songs with an undeniable edge. This is swamp blues personified.”

“One thing I love about the Blues world is that it throws up styles and artists that bring a great deal of originality and thought to the listener, more so than any other genre. Iron Mike Norton is one of those.”