“Ride For Glory (2015) "A rollercoaster ride of pure, unadulterated adrenaline."”

“'I want an Iron Kingdom/Voodoo Queen Baseball Tee so I can blast this album and try to sing along, banging my head and driving to the stadium in my Trans Am to drink cans of Bud in the parking lot before the Iron Kingdom show! Fuck I wish it was the 80's right now. '”

“'sometimes you just want some glorious old school metal that makes you want to batter a dragon to death. Iron Kingdom are said band and from the opening track, At The Gates, I’m sold. When we reach Crowned In Iron we truly reach old school metal at its finest'”

"Gates Of Eternity" could prove to be one of the most important discoveries in 2013 for U.S. Metal lovers.'

“The moment IK struck the first chord, the crowd stopped talking. The second chord and people started moving forward. I am not kidding. I went from having an unobstructed view to having to crane my head/neck around the tall guy who got in front of me. Iron Kingdom came on and took it all. It was theirs to rule. And they did. They looked and sounded great. Professional.”

Chris Anne Stumpf

"Do you sometimes wish 1988 was still around! Well 1988 visited me Friday night in the form of a 'new' band, IRON KINGDOM, just real young guys and a beautiful CHICK on drums... They are a TOTAL MUST SEE. You can thank me now. Their live performance made me smile the whole time."

Aimee Stanley - Fan