The Irish Experience / Press

“Irish music with a bang. Not just for St. Patrick's Day.”

“There is enough energy springing off this CD to power a small town. “The Wicked Jig” rocks the first track, the harmonica on “Within a Mile of Dublin” is an inspired touch and “Bunch of Keys” is one of the most unusual covers ever. The sound on the melody is twisted and delightful.”

“The Irish Experience cut their teeth on their first venture in 2003, to return here with a musical experience of the highest level. I see not a single fault in this album, which is a success in every aspect and an overall crowd-pleaser. GREEN ENERGY should be consumed without moderation.”

“Green Energy is impressive in its diversity, depth and scope. The sound ranges from traditional Celtic fiddle and percussion pieces, to folky Appalachian tunes, to outright rock guitar. Green Energy is a harmonious musical concoction that borders on addictive. From the teasing rock beat underneath the very traditional fiddle on the first track, The Wicked Jig, to the twangy John Brown’s Dream, to the haunting and lovely final tune, The Fiddler’s Lament, this is an album that takes you on a well defined journey, and leaves you wishing you could have traveled a bit farther. Check out this CD if you love instrumental music that is awesome enough to make you think vocals are simply extraneous.”

“The Irish Experience fits the bill on their recent release Green Energy. Their music is full of Celtic, rock, blues, and country, a mighty flavorful combination that simmers down to a tasty Irish stew pleasing to the most incorrigible listener. Just throw this CD on and have a party!”

“The Irish Experience delivers irrepressible Green Energy on their CD. This is an accomplished instrumental disc that’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or anytime you want to get back to your real or adopted Irish roots. A great listen.”