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"Slugging it out since the early '90s, the group has carved a niche for itself with their tuneful pop/rock, which is very much in the vein of such renowned chart-topping artists as Michelle Branch and Nelly Furtado (due largely to the melodic vocals of Tara Eberle)."

"The music's a lot more honest, closer to the ground, and catchier—no faked passions, no tortured rock star affectations, no slide rule calculations slipping into ready-baked formulas."

"The finest offering is the savory radio-ready pop of "Stupid & Blind," which gains buoyancy from the band's good-time feel and positive message—one which calls for abandonment of slacker ways and urges listeners down the road to self-enlightenment."

The Village Voice

"Iridesense shines"


"One sparkling band"


"Savory, radio ready pop"

The Voice