Ireesh Lal / Press

“Ethnotronica is the way to go because this is where I imagine Miles Davis would be sounding like if he was still around today”

“Trumpeter Ireesh Lal brings out six tunes here that mix disco synth grooves with some lyrical melodies... you’ve got sounds for the background of a late night Saturday party in Westwood or Dehli”

“Music heard on air for January 9, 2014 Song: Spirits Artist: Ireesh Lal”

“Ireesh Lal is a multi-instrumentalist and programmer whose debut solo EP– ETHNOTRONICA – combines original electronic music with exotic East Indian elements alongside the distinctly Western tones of the jazz trumpet, creating a captivating new sound”

“This veteran of the world beat wars cuts right to chase on his new ep where the title really tells you all you need to know. With more creativity and thought than the usual EDM set, Lal has been around enough to know his business and deliver more entertainment bounce to the ounce than you are accustomed to”

“Ireesh Lal is an innovative electro-fusion musician with a knack for South Asian influences, jazz infused concoctions, and electronic music that is deliciously wrapped around a world music core”

“Ireesh Lal generates irresistible electronic dance beats that are interweaved with Miles Davis-style jazz trumpet and Indian and Middle Eastern musical instruments (tabla, oud, bansuri)”

“East Indian Music Meets Jazz, EDM in "Haunted," a track from Ireesh Lal's debut EP. Jim Fusilli is the rock & pop critic of The Wall Street Journal, for whom he has written about popular music since 1983.”