Iraqi Death Police / Press

“Originating from South Africa, Iraqi Death Police present a solid slab of Grindcore mixed with elements of Progressive Metal. The result is pure aggression accompanied with experimental guitar play. With influences from the likes of Pig Destroyer, Nile, Decapitated and Insect Warfare clear in their style of music, Iraqi Death Police are an excellent band to add to your library...”

“...got the CD! It's epic!”

“My first thought was: “NEXT FUCKING LEVEL!” The band manages to embed their sense of humour into all of the tracks. Track titles such as “I saw Bush and then Iran,” “Stinger Missile Blues,” “Scud Missile Sandwich,” and, my personal favourite, “Anti-tank Strap-on.” In short “Allah Will Fuck You” is absolutely relentless, perpetual noise terror! It really is war on your eardrums and it will rip you a new fuckhole, guaranteed! I can’t really think of anything to compare Iraqi Death Police with in relation to the hundreds of Grindcore bands out there. They have their own unique sound, which in my opinion makes any band just so much better! I thoroughly enjoyed the record and I can simply not get enough of it! Absolute Deathgrind noise pollution deluxe! I would highly recommend Iraqi Death Police – “Allah Will Fuck You” to fans of Wormrot, Insect Warfare, General Surgery, Looking for an Answer and Napalm Death. Go get your ears annihilated!”

“So, South Africa doesn’t have a big extreme music scene and it’s mostly full of Deathcore / Metalcorewank…most of the time anyway. This being said, the small scene has produced bands like Conqueror, Brafcharge, Touched by Nausea, and, of course, the sludgy doom masters of the void, Corax. However, I never thought I would get to sample South African Grindcore… like spawn out of a camel’s asshole, I heard Durban-based grinders Iraqi Death Police. The three-piece scud missile Deathgrind machine released their first weapon of mass destruction on the world, simply entitled 'Allah Will Fuck You' late last year… The record contains 23 tracks…I mean, it’s Grind-fucking-core, so it’s not about how long the track is, but the sheer intensity and noise. The skill levels are right up their with the very best in the world in my humble opinion. The band manages to capture that Grindcore sound that sends chills down the spine with a relentless barrage of riffs and blast beats!”

“Thank you for not being another one trick pony grindcore band. Downloading your repertoire, I'm really impressed!”

“Not sure what this is, but I like it. - 72%”

“Whacked-out Anti-Muslim Deathgrind! - 84%”