Irakli Ioseliani / Press

“You are Rock! super!”


“You rock Iraklis!! Great guitars!! Best wishes M.P”

manolis paschalidis

“Your guitar playing is wonderful!”


“Cool blues jam. Nice experimental track on "Ttrolleybus #11".”

Johnny Nowhere

“Really like the sound. Cool playing and laid back.”

Clint Hamilton

“Hey ! Just enjoying listening to your music again ! xx”

Penny Jayne Black

“Great stuff - big talent!”

Kevin Lamb

“Outstanding moods and sounds on your excellent guitar and effects on "Fog"!!!”

John Revitte

“only if??????????? i could play like THAT!! BEST WISHES THNX”

Mr Etherman

“Soon as I heard MBS, you got my recommendation my man. Nice songs with some rough edges still. But MBS is just beautiful.”

Steven West

“Hey Irakli, "Short Story" is on fire! Sounds great...”

John Revitte

“its easy to tell you never lost the joy of playing.......and thats what its all about....nice musicianship..rock on!!”

Billy T. Scrapper

“very beautiful chorusing on "Cold", thank you :)”


“'Withering feeling' has such a soulful, gut-wrenching sound to it. Awesome.”

Ramona Dee

“great stuff, mellow, love "cold"”

Rob Swanson

“MBS... Peaceful and a pretty story it paints for the imagination if let free... It's so perfect for the moment.”

Reiny Pier

" Withering Feeling"..incredibly beautiful..Nice playing, and beautiful feel :)

She SaiD & Hillbilly Dix

“Like your song 'Stoned Trip'. Very ethereal :) Keep on rockin!”

Whyte Lightning

"Short Story" has a very cool and deep inside feeling that draws one into the song...Nice work!

John Revitte