Inviolate / Press

“On a night where I was not particularly in the mood for metal, I was introduced to the local band, Inviolate and everything changed. I was immediately captivated by the intriguing mixture of belly dancing and head-banging to melodious metal music.....”

“The uniqueness of their shows has already created quite a buzz for this band, but their potent music should not be undervalued.....Sure Inviolate has a lot to offer visually but that can only carry a band so far. “Feast of Ashes” is proof that Inviolate put just as much into their music as they do their visuals.”

“If you haven’t heard of Atlanta, GA’s Inviolate, then you’ve been missing out on not only one of the South’s most eccentric bands, but one of the lithest front women in metal..... By all accounts this belly dancing enchantress doesn’t just entertain, but engages her audiences while introducing an added cultural flair to the traditional metal scene.”