Inukshuk Pass / Press

"The secret weapon of this St. Paul/Duluth foursome is lead singer Patti Ryan, whose husky, expressive voice is quite similar to last season's "American Idol" runner-up Crystal Bowersox, who also rocks a nice retro vibe. "Don't Look Down" is the band's latest CD, and it's highly recommended to those looking for a modern take on Woodstock-era rock."

Ross Raihala - St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Led by the powerful vocals of Patti Ryan, this Minnesota band knows how to groove and entertain a crowd. Like other eclectic bands such as Santana and Los Lonely Boys, Inukshuk (in-nook-shook) Pass combines influences from folk, rock, jazz, country, blues, soul, and ethnic music to create a unique and exciting sound. Many of their songs are driven by an irresistible groove. The lyrics spring compelling stories of resiliency that connect with fans. This is a tight band, lead by a powerful woman, which takes full advantage of the strengths and talents of each member. " Women of Substance Radio May, 2010

Keri Noble - Women of Sunstance Radio

"...a soulful version of folk with an emphasis on the groove...the band's debut, Chasin' Trains, often sounds like a long-lost Bay area record from the late 60's...Local Cheapo's outlets have not only put the CD in their listening stations, they're also displaying prints of the art pieces."

Ross Raihala - St. Paul Pioneer Press