Intracranial Butchery / Press

“Chris Durk, 26, is able to transform a small room into the source of all things dark and brutal. Before a short touring hiatus and a new band lineup, Intracranial Butchery boasted more than 15,000 fans on the music website ReverbNation, the most of any other rock band in Columbia. The walls of Durk’s home tremble each time a large rush of traffic zooms down Interstate 70. Durk’s practice room has a small, open space in the center of it, surrounded by technology and furniture. An iMac and desk sit at an angle in one corner and a large flat-screen atop a shelving unit in another. The entrance is cramped with an amp to the left and a dresser to the right. With the exception of posters and a calendar, the walls are relatively bare. A multi-colored curtain is hung on one side of a narrow window. Despite the small space, it’s all Durk needs to practice, write and record tracks for his death metal band. As the only consistent band member since its creation in 2008 (follow link to view v”

“Just dug this up from another blog and got dragged into it immediately. I'd say it's a near-perfect blend of grind and brutal death metal. The first thing you'll notice while listening to this album is the style variety. There are a lot of ideas put into this release and everything is well covered. I'm having a major writer's block now, but really want to post this. In conclusion, great riffs and overall guitar parts, excellent drums with some cool and somewhat strange time signatures, good bass, and fan-fucking-tastic array of vocals. P.S. Last track will surprise and stun you.”