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“What is absolutely to be appreciated about this album is the blood, sweat and tears and the emotion that they put in the creation of this. It’s interesting the fact that they have a more old school approach but to me that makes it all sounds more relaxing and catchy. Their biggest growth compared to the last album lies, one might say, in their playing with more instrumental effects especially piano and synths (something pretty obvious considering the genre they are approaching). Songs like ‘No dreams at home’, ‘Love Division’, ‘Force of Nature’ or ‘Drops of Fire’ are strongly written and have put that interesting old school element I was talking earlier about as a central piece”

“Do you happen to have a predilection for dark, gothic & melodic metal and a fondness of bands such as: Bauhaus, HIM, Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, Scream Silence and Nosferatu? If that be the case, then “Love Division” might quench your thirst for the music your heart truly craves… Amidst the gothic tunes and the somehow dark aura the album emits, there are melodious breaks of synth surrounding Angeline (lead guitar too) and Marco’s (rhythm guitar & keyboards as well) vocal duet performances. Admittedly, I was taken back when I realized they are from Chile… their musical work rivals or better outdoes quite many so called outstanding European bands. The music in combination with the lyrics is shared work and the outcome is gratifying… The production is satisfactory but I’m guessing that cooperating with a well-known producer like Jens Bogren (Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Soilwork, Opeth, Valkiria, Amon Amarth, Kreator etc.) would have given them some extra boost. The guys”

“Love Division, an excellent work combining gothic rock and a touch of metal from the Chilean trio known as The Fallacy.”

“La banda posee un sonido sólido, contituido por la voz de Angeline que junto a unos coros y guitarras pesadas crean un clima bien logrado. El teclado tiene bastante participaciòn en los temas, con variadas ritmicas. La verdad que es un disco para no dejar pasar, el sonido es impecable.”

“Lo interesante de este proyecto es, que a pesar de seguir con las mismas influencias de la primera escuela gótica, ha sabido reinventarse con un sonido fresco y de gran calidad. A esto además hay que sumarle, elementos del doom y gothic metal, pero siempre manteniendo el sello dark que le habíamos conocido.”

“The Fallacy es una banda de Gothic Metal Chilena. Creada en 2007 por Marco Cusato después del termino de Capital, una importante banda chilena de rock gótico. Hasta la fecha tienen un EP, 2 Albums y 4 Videos. A continuacion puedes descargar su primer Album (Autorizado por ellos) y ver sus videos.”

“The Fallacy es un grupo chileno de rock gótico originario de Chile con Marco y Angie en las voces y guitarras y Nico en el bajo. Un grupo que se describe así mismo como "El gótico con verdadero sentimiento" y con la premisa de volver a las raíces del rock gótico, por ello sus líricas son en inglés acompasados bajo sonidos sombríos y una actitud en escena que desborda rock en cada nota.”

“Chile has a word to say in the metal scene! Through The Fallacy, they try to show the world that gothic music is alive in that area aswell! They are now at their 2nd material and were kind enough to let me get all the answers i wanted! I'll let you guys discover what Angie, Marco and Niko have to say:”

“The Chilean gothic band THE FALLACY has released their new music video for the song 'Threshold Of Light' out of their latest album, Beyond The Mist. The 'Threshold of Light' music video was directed and produced entirely for the band at their own studios Attic Records in Santiago, Chile. The album Beyond the Mist it was recorded in 2010 and it has been supported by a series of music videos and live videos from their 2010's South American Tour including Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Chile.”

“On this broadcast of “Metal World”, Rock Gator Radio is going to spotlight the band THE FALLACY, from Chile. Listen to music from THE FALLACY as well as commentary from the band. Don’t miss it! Thursday July 7 21.00 hrs (Melbourne, FL, EEUU) www.live365.com/rock-gator-radio”