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“Da ich (Achtung, Mitleidslevel an) während den drei bisher heißesten Tagen dieses Jahres in der Spätschicht schuften durfte (Mitleidslevel aus), und das Wetter heute nicht so recht weiß, was es tun soll, habe ich endlich mal Zeit, wieder ein paar Zeilen zu schreiben. Und das ist auch gut so, denn so manch gutes Schmankerl liegt hier auf meinem Stapel und will verbreitet werden. Und genauso ein Schmankerl ist die neue Scheibe von INTO CENTURY. „Nobody’s Slave“ heißt sie und ist das mittlerweile zweite Werk des dänischen Quartetts. Zwölf Stücke befinden sich darauf, wobei man sich auf den Alternative Rock Style festgelegt hat. Wie man schon oft nachlesen konnte, klingt Sänger Jon erschreckend ähnlich nach Chris Cornell. Aber mal ganz ehrlich, dem stimme ich nicht nur zu, sondern finde, dass auch die Musik der von SOUNDGARDEN sehr nahe kommt. Wie gesagt, „Nobody’s Slave“ ist schon ein Schmankerl, beginnend mit dem ersten Song, der zugleich der Titeltrack ist, über s”

“7,5 Stars out of 10. Que buena planta la de INTO CENTURY esa banda danesa que viene dispuesta a hacerse oir en media Europa con su disco “Nobody’s Slave”. Sin duda es uno de esos discos de rock metal de tinte americano bien producido y de canciones con gancho, con un gran cantante Jon Century y un sonido que muestra fuerza y melodía. Tienen esencia muy yanki y mezclan el sonido americano de los noventa con las tendencias del rock actual y su propuesta bebe de grupos al estilo Creed y toques Soundgarden en su vena más melódica, así se muestran poderosos en “Nobody’s Slave” y “Junkie” que son pura adrenalina made in USA mientras que tiran de ese rock de riffs y base instrumental elegante “Open up your gates” con aire sureño en sus lineas al igual que en “Sweet surrender”. Saben imprimir de emocionalidad a sus canciones y ofrecer una rama al estilo Scott Trapp en “Dare” y darle un estilo macarra cuando quieren “Man of god” siempre con esa base de gui”

““Eine Band mit viel Potenzial“ 9,5 stars out of 10. Mit mächtig Groove und schmetterndem Rock betreten die Dänen Into Century mit ihrem Zweitling Nobody´s Slave meinen Hörradius und machen dabei eine äußerst gute Figur. Dabei stechen vor allem Jon Centurys akzentuierte Vocals heraus, die irgendwo zwischen Chris Cornell und Layne Staley liegen. Markant sind ebenfalls die heavy Riffs von Christian Warburg, welche mal dezent im Hintergrund den Song führen, dann über den Hörer als fette Brecher wuchten. So kann man sich kreativ anspruchsvoll meilenweit vom Durchschnittsrock abheben, vergisst dabei aber nicht die Zugänglichkeit für den Hörer, Ohrwürmer wie der Opener Nobody´s Slave oder Dare zeigen dafür perfekte Beispiele. ”

“... Into Century’s second full length release, Nobody’s Slave, is packed with infectious grooves, hard hitting riffs and hooks galore. These guys explore a lot of different feels and even experiment with out of the ordinary sound effects throughout this album ensuring listeners will be kept on their toes throughout. This record’s ability to hook in the listener on pretty much every track is due in no small part to the superbly pitched powerful vocal styling of aptly named front man Jon Century.This is a gentleman who is very skilled in the art of writing a vocal line and time and again uses his terrific range and vocal dynamics to help each song accelerate through the gears. Combine this with an underlay of huge chords, catchy riffs, searing leads and a razor sharp rhythm section and you’re on to a winner. .... A very tight, catchy and powerful band that I would highly recommend you taking the time to check out. ”

“***** (5½/ 6) stars "...I sincerely hope there's more Danish high end rock bands out there. Into Century have for some reason or another managed to stay under my radar, but luckily not anymore. Into Century and their album Nobody's Slave are on my top 10 best album releases in 2012."”

“***** **(7/10) stars Copenhagen-based post-grunge quartet Into Century is back with their follow-up release to their debut album “Into Your Sun”, called “Nobody’s Slave”, which not only establishes them as solid post-grunge songwriters but quality riff-makers as well. The album opener, title track “Nobody’s Slave” is a classic post-grunge containing neither pioneering spirit, nor endearing twists. It is however, an extremely well-written and well-functioning song, with classic riffing and the seriously heavy guitar sound followed by a catchy, somewhat “epic-sounding” chorus, complete with powerful vocals, courtesy of lead-singer Jon Century.”

“******* (7/10) stars This is their second album and it has an important theme and message worth mentioning: Their fight against human trafficking and the modern slave trading is a very important matter and this is a concept album made by males with character to raise this sensitive subject into the light, which I strongly support. Besides the strong lyrics, the rock music is very melodic, but also with some heavy doses of metal within. A melodic version of the more aggressive Danish metal band Malrun was my first gut feeling. The bombastic intro track 'Nobody's Slave' is the powerful title song with a half screaming vocals and very strong choruses. 'Into Century' changes their sound into a very melodic rock style in the gentle song 'Dare'. Jon shows that he also can handle the unobtrusive parts in the songs, not only the high yell part, which he is doing just perfectly. I skip to the song 'Time to Shine', which is one of the best songs on the entire album;”

“Gaffa gave it **** (4/6) stars. Impressive International sounding post-grunge with sharp edges. This is the second album by Into Century is a very well written hard punching post-grunge album. The title song "Nobody's slave" is like an aggressive male dog chasing a female in heat, with lead singer Jon Century's cut through Layne Staley a like voice. As you make you way through the album there are songs that leave a even greater impression. Like "Open Up Your Gates" and "Sweet Surrender", which contains fantastic craftsmanship from guitar player Christian Warburg and Jon gets to use his magnificent voice. Into Century Sounds so more like an American band than a Danish, and that's all good. ”

"....one track on the new album is huge, spectacular and plain awesome. It’s ‘Indistogether’ and I suggest you give it a listen"

“Tell me about your band and how long have you been in it? My band is called “Into Century”. We play hard american westcoast influenced rock – you can compare us with Foo Fighters or Queen Of The Stoneage – same kind of genre, but Into Century are a little harder though. We are 4 guys who have been working very hard to make things happen and now it seems, that we are getting close to a breakthrough. MTV in USA have our music video to our song “Dare” on their website – and that is pretty unusual for a Danish band to achive this. So we are very happy about it. We have been playing for nearly 5 years now and we have just finished our second album. As we speak our management is working with the album in Germany, Sweden and in the US, so the future is very exiting. What do you dream of? Well…if you one time in your life have experienced to be on a stage before 20.000 people on a stadium, you will always want to experience that again and again and again. That is the most incr”