In The Whale / Press

"As god and Tim Baker as my witness, In The Whale are one of my new favorite bands." Joel Frieders (SYFFAL)

Joel Frieders - SYFFAL

““As disturbingly unholy and unnatural as is the grimy, groovy sound of In the Whale, nothing feels more natural than to leave ‘Cake’ on repeat for hours on end.” -Eryc Eyl (Reverb)”

Eryc Eyl - Reverb

““These guys are brothers from another mother, and they deserve each other! ‘Dirty, dirty, dirty’ were my sentiments exactly from this kick-ass musical duo who has definitely earned a sold-out venue.” -Elise Hermann (Swaager)”

Elise Hermann - Swaager

““ ...they take on the brazen, balls-out machismo of bands like Queens Of The Stone Age with the nerdy ambition of a pre-bloated Weezer.” - Tom Murphy”

Tom Murphy - Westword