I.N.R.I(In the Name of Righteous Ignorance) / Press

“I.N.R.I.“Sadistic” brings pleasure to listeners Los Angeles, CA. The album is a hammering attack of aggro-industrial, characterized by blistering waves of synth, guitar crunch, scathing percussion and brooding, ominous vocals. I.N.R.I., founded in 2005, is made up of Jason Morton (vocals, guitar,synth) The albumis cutting edge interpretations of the industrial genre and challenging the listener with no-holds-barred lyrics. Sinister melodies, driven rhythms, mind-splitting drum hooks and fear-inducing vocal attacks all fuse into a wall of darkness rallying fans and iconoclasts under a banner of musical and social revolution. “The whole album is a reflection of my personal experiences with pain, anger and animosity toward organized religion and ‘Sadistic’ sets it off Morton composed all of the music on “I.N.R.I.” Plans are being laid for tours I.N.R.I. is currently working with A&R Select, the world’s leading independent artist development firm, based out of Los Angeles,”