In The End / Press

"All in all, if you like your music heavy, loud, and intensely intricate, then Take Control is the CD for you! "

“The Hum: Hard rock returns to Taos and the smokin’ loud vehicle bringing it is a band called, In The End”

"You cannot mistake In The End with some other run of the mill poser rock, this is true musicianship at its finest." Juliet Jackson

"Formed in 2006 in Taos, New Mexico, In The End play progressive rock and metal. This four-piece band has released its debut CD, titled On Angel’s Wings, which provides a ride through intense, hard-hitting rhythms, psychedelic flourish, and an evocative voice. Take Five spoke with Lloyd Romero (vocals, guitar, keyboards, and trumpet), who gave me a snapshot of his band and musical approach."

“In The End gets set to rock out Shadow's Lounge and Grille Friday (July 9th) starting at around 9 p.m.”