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“Interstate Astronauts squeezed onto the stage as another member equipped with a wireless microphone roamed the cavernous space. The sound reverberated in the large glass and concrete room. The echo and distortion enhanced the rowdy din of the Interstate Astronauts and the lively bluegrass band Loaded Goat, but the acoustics would be problematic for more nuanced acts. | Bill Brownlee, Special to The Star”

Bill Brownlee - Kansas City Star

“The Shows you should see this week. Music Forecast January 5-11 by David Hudnall The Cave Girls, with Interstate Astronauts Fewer people attend, but First Friday events continue in the Crossroads even in the deepest, darkest depths of winter. The best approach is to pick an event where it's acceptable to hunker down for a couple of hours, rather than roam the streets as one might in more temperate times. Czar is offering up a solid block of entertainment with photography from Rebecca Armstrong accompanied by live music between 5 and 9 p.m. The Cave Girls — a female trio playing fast, fundamental garage rock — share the bill with honky-tonk barroom-rock act Interstate Astronauts. The kitchen will be open, so you can really settle in. Friday, January 6, at Czar (1531 Grand, 816-421-0300)”