“By Jeremiah Nelson Intercostal Facebook Out now through GPS Prod Intercostal is a mostly instrumental four-piece stoner/sludge band hailing from Geneva, Switzerland. They released their debut full length back in December of 2013. I remember listening to it just before Christmas last year, but somehow we here at Ech(((o)))es and Dust failed to tell the world about what this band is doing. I’m going to right that wrong. Intercostal plays a thick, heavy style of stoner metal that is excellent company for any of the classic sludge bands that emerged from the hot and humid southern U.S. in the early 90’s. Taking lessons from their forefathers, this band plays loud, fuzzed out guitars underpinned by massive low-end and pounding drums. The traditional contrasting tempos and alternating time signatures are present throughout the record. Their down-tuned sound is gigantic and in your face. The first thing that struck me about Intercostal’s self-titled release was the cover ar”

Jeremiah Nelson

“Super down tuned stoner doom from Geneva. Well then, that's a good start. Intercostal are the sort of crushing group who place a heavy emphasis on the bottom end and then go from there. Their music is so good that it barely even struck me that this is an almost entirely instrumental act (Occasional vocal samples and screamed passages are brought in). Instead, Intercostal have created something interesting, worth a few listens, not just for novelty value but also the way in which the band proves themselves as gifted musicians, capable of taking on the world and birthing majestic sounds that one might have thought could never work out. See, Intercostal have that magical ability of stoner bands to hold together, not by a fixed meter but sheer empathy. This gives tracks like Sea's Calling an impressive forward drive and definitely keeps things exciting and interesting. The drum work on this record is especially notable, it is filled with all sorts of fascinating fills, adding a powerful”

Matt Baggins - Two Guys Metal Reviews

“Intercostal / Chronique EP > Intercostal [Demo] Intercostal - Demo InterCostal, combo Suisse dont les membres évoluent dans des groupes déjà plutôt reconnus (jugez plutôt : Knut, El Rancho, Nebra, Mumakil), pas vraiment des débutants donc, une volonté commune de faire vibrer les cloisons et une capacité évidente à pilonner les amplis à coups de riffs bulldozer et de groove caverneux, forcément ça accroche notre radar. Lourd et massif, le crossover southern rock/metal downtempo pratiqué par les Suisses se révèle poisseux, gluant et souvent oppressif. Instrumentaux mais assaisonnés par quelques samples de dialogues, des titres comme "Pegasus" ou "Row & pick" font parler leur impressionnante puissance de feu, sans pour autant omettre d'y inclure quelques éléments typiquement stoner/desert rock plus aérés. InterCostal est un groupe que l'on n'écoute pas comme tous les autres, ici on s'imprègne littéralement des morceaux de cette démo et si le mix semble parfois tr”

Aurelio - W-Fenec