Intended Creation / Press

““The first word that comes to mind while listening to the “Awake” Ep is fascinating….As the EP moves through with a persistent cadence of bleeding emotions and random eclectic arrangements, it is apparent Intended Creation leaves intense imprints of art on each canvas””

Melissa Kucirek - Suite 101

““…This means that while Intended Creation can come forth with a tremendously compelling interplay between drums and guitar, the act looks to change the whole of music with this dynamic. There may be a jam that threads itself through the entirety of “Train”, but there is also an approximation of the titular object and a bold disregard for attitudes regarding tempo and time. This makes for a hell of a track, a miniature epic that does more in a sub two-minute frame than most bands can do over the course of an hour, and it should be the reason that listeners will want to focus in to the rest of the album.””

James McQuiston - NeuFutur Magazine