Intellect / Press

“With a smooth jazzy Gang Starr-like flow, is this true HipHop (Hooray!) flava in ya ear, as the brother makes sure the rhythm of the boogie of that phat Boom Bap beat won’t disappear!..”

“Nowadays, it isn't often you find a single that gets ya blood flowing just from content. But this new single from 'Intellect" or 'Lect" definitely fits that description. Bar for bar this lyricist brings content and grace. "Truth About" is an in-depth look into this artists journey through life. Almost a street testimony of big dreams and a search for ones self. Lect rides over the instrumental and along with "Taps" laying a heart pumping hook, does emergency CPR on Hip Hop today. Once a day i find myself telling someone "HipHop is not dead..its just in the underground...and you have to go below industry level to find it..." Everything with in "Truth About" solidifies my claims.”

“Ready to Go ft. Walk - by Intellect Great Hook. Ready to go ft. Walk - By Intellect A great hook, that sticks and won't let go. This song is a great mix of danceable hip hop beats and lyrics that roll out of Intellect's mouth and and all over the dance floor, making feet move and bodies flail; careful not to elbow your dance floor neighbors. Well written and produced, this song is one you may probably think you've recognized from the top 40 station in your town; NOT because it's like all the others or un-original, but because it belongs there. Its just long enough that you want to hear more; a clever trick that is hard to pull off. It's prefect at 3:36 seconds; because really, after listening to it 3 more times because you want to hear the poetry in these lyrics, you'll find it's ten minutes later and all you want is more.”

“As the stage name of the artist might suggest, Intellect really puts a lot of thought into each and every single track he releases, and his most recent studio effort, “Your Eyes,” is nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to the richly detailed feel of the production, and the amazing tone of this release as a whole. The drum beat immediately stands out for its really gritty and heavy feel, and it sounds absolutely massive, with a nice old school feel. In addition to that, the other instruments bring a lot of melodies and textures to the table, ranging from funky phrasings, to cool synth swells and many other ideas. I particularly love the flute-like sounds, which really interplay between the vocal lines, filling in the spaces in a very special way. The vocals sit perfectly within the mix, and they suit the tone and style of the production. The voice recordings are cleverly layered and interestingly performed, making for a very direct and embracing feel.”