“I don't know you but this is sick. Keep it up.”

Marcie Ryan- Littleton, CO

“You got skills man. I would buy your stuff”

Justin Hansen- Portland, Oregon


Roman Gutierrez- Albuquerqe, NM

“On POINT !”

Gonzo Torres- Denver, CO

“Fucking sick homie.”

James Stone- Trenton, GA

“That's what's up I like the transitions from slow to fast and the beat fits perfect too!”

Brandon Abeyta- Denver, CO

“Audio yayo!!!”

Mike Bosher- Colorado Springs, CO

“fuuuuuck bro. .. diggin that beat. Those lyrics though. .. hit the nail on the head. .. this is gonna be a banger bro. .. gimme cd NOW! !!”

Curtis Cowan- Colorado Springs, CO

“Dude I like the beat. Your lyrics be on some real shit too!”

Dustin Shane- Big Sky, MT

“That's more legit than what's on the market now you can count me in on a purchase”

Jake Carte- Colorado Springs, CO

“Real shit fam! I'm fuckin with it. That was real dope”

Steven Hansen- Colorado Springs, CO

“Shits legit for sure. Props man. Hopefully it blows up for you!”

Shawn Sheffler- Martinsburg, WV


Saint-Tymez- Tiffin, OH

“Love that shit!”

Josh Harris- Colorado Springs, CO

“Clean son.. Clean”

DJ Red Skunk- Colorado Springs, CO

“Yea this goes hard man good shit!”

Dustin Mull- Denver, CO

“Damn bro, that was sick. Keep it up, you have some serious talent!”

Brian Hudson- Colorado Springs, CO

“Currently, you are at a great place to start. You have better production than most and not that far from being on point! Keep up the hard work my nigga!! ”

Super Producers Cool & Dre

“Dude that "Click Click" joint is bananas!”

The Source Unsigned Hype Award Winner Mercury Storm


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