Insonnia / Press

“The first thing that strikes me about this remarkable debut album is that it's great listening fun - it's loaded with engaging music, includes superb songwriting and features a unique sound. Next I note the amazing quality of the musicianship: acoustic guitar Curtis Jones has traveled the world for more than 15 years honing his passion for Neuvo Flamenco (New Flamenco) music; keyboardist and author Pete Orenstein is a graduate of Berklee College of Music; and drummer Mark Letalien was formerly with Col. Bruce and the Quark Alliance. I hadn't heard anything like Insonnia before. Their sound is part Django Reinhardt and part Paco De Lucia with elements of Flamenco, jazz, Brazalian and gypsy music but also has a decided jamband sensibility... Truly, I can give this extraordinary album my very highest recommendation -”