“4th Best Album of 2011”


“4th Best Album of 2011”

Sweden Rock

“Album of the Month”

Terrorirzer - #210

“9th Best Metal Album of 2011”

“One of the hottest new metal acts around”

Metal Hammer

“10th Best Album of 2011”


“Structurally and melodically complex, densely layered and yet dynamic and fluid, often enthralling and never, ever less than engaging, 'The World. The Flesh. The Devil' is a metallic feast.”

Greg Moffitt - Decibel Magazine

“In Solitude’s superlative 'The World. The Flesh. The Devil' was officially the fourth-best album of 2011. (in reality it was probably like the third best. The thing is not to sleep on it.)”

“Influences are very important and very interesting to delve into, and to feed off but when you look into yourself, that’s the most important thing. That’s what made a lot of the old bands good because there was no looking backwards or forwards; they had to look inwards instead.”