Insigniya / Press

“With influences from Miles Davis to Coltrane, Wayne Krantz Trio, Herbie Hancock, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Lotus, and Cream, Insigniya began spreading its own brand of astonishing progressive-fusion to the masses. And their grooves are funkier than the men’s room at Fenway on free burrito night during extra innings. Yeah man, that’s funky, and the festival circuit is eating them up”

"Insigniya might be only a trio, but they have the agility to slice off sharp-edged, jazz-driven slurs that call up the finest moments on Zappa’s Hot Rats. You’d swear you’re hearing an orchestra in places when Insigniya goes on prog-y trips down the rabbit hole."

"Searl's fat guitar sound and busy though tight rhythm section leave no gaps...Here's hoping for a full-length release soon."

“These guys await an amazing future”

“Funk/fusion/jam-band gives listeners a sense of freedom and self-empowerment. ”

"Rock & Roll: new band wins Battle of the Bands at Fitchburg State"