Insentient / Press

"Insentient is melodic death metal mixed with elements of thrash and black metal. The songs are mostly mid tempo despite the drummer's fast double kick. The band's amazing riffs and song structure is what really sucks you in though. Insentient's style is heavy enough for the more extreme metal heads, but melodic enough for those that need melody. It's a very well organized blend of genres."

"...stunning technical and clear riffs set within well-spaced harmonies. " William’s abundant riff on bass adds additional command to the music. And let’s not forget James’ drumming, holding the rhythm and promulgating the steady sound by pounding well-defined percussions.""... you are sent reeling, met head-on with a full blast from the entire band. Frantic, galloping drums and bass burst into a racing melody filled with pulsing riffs. The evil growling carries you places within your mind; with its entrancing allure..."

"The night started around 6.30 with Insentient giving one of the best performances of the night. I was aware of the band’s music but seeing them live is kind of like, excuse the comparison, seeing Death again. Leslie Medina (guitar, vocals) is Chuck Schuldiner’s daughter, and I’m amazed that they didn’t choose her to be part of the Death to All tour. Regarding the band’s performance and music, their style is a super catchy technical death metal with emphasis on the riffs and the dynamics. Great chemistry between them, the bass is present all the time, Kimberly Orellana complements Medina on the guitars with a great smile and impressive guitar skills while James Coppolino’s drums were begging for mercy. They have an ep coming out in March called Remnants that looks really promising."

" INSENTIENT Rising to The Top of The Los Angeles Underground Decimating and Sonically Captivating all with their Sheer Merciless Brutality and Straight In Your Face Terroristic Oraganic Musicianship that will Literally Blow Your Head AWAY! Demonstrating Yet Again why INSENTIENT Reigns Supreme in The Los Angeles Underground! " REMNANTS" is a DEFINITE MUST! Jimmy Cabbs

"... this band is a refreshing blast of old school stylings. Insentient features two female members, both on guitar, and it would be a mistake to underestimate this group because of that simple fact.... the atmosphere they’ve created an epic feel as well. Together they blend skull-crushing thrash riffs with slower, clean breaks that act as a quick breath of air before being submerged back under the tidal wave of high-gain guitars. What had initially caught my attention was actually William on bass.William powers behind the break-neck fast riffs with ease, adding a significant amount of punch to this already thunderous sound." " you are blasted square in the face with a viscous riff paired with the chaotic stampede of bass..."