insaniTones / Press

“Loving your great sounds George! Wishing you all the best from Paul, the National No.1 Blues artist for England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland & for London too:)!”

“I like the scratch of vinyl opening 'Back Door Boogie'. Reminded me of the prelude to 'Fast As A Shark' by Accept. Your choice of an instrumental in 'Bits and Pieces' was brilliant and a great interlude in the album tracks. Vocals on 'Thoughts' were superb! Can't hear how great your voice is in the bar! 'Only Son' gave the feel of you channeling Layne Staley, and I might have to vote for that song as my favorite! I also was reminded of a little Metallica/Dio with the opening of 'Misery'...loved the use of the synth here! I also really dug 'Heat', a nice, heavy number with good lyrics! All in all, a great effort! Very, VERY good! It's today-hip, but with just enough hairspray and leather, and a pinch of grunge to make it a perfect recipe! The mix was excellent, even on my laptop...would like to hear that from a CD on my system! I give you five stars, brother!”

“(1) Back Door Boogie - Love sound effect play in songs, so points for old time radio (and other sound tweaks later). Love grungy, bluesy thing too. Everyone can relate to "blues" attitude! "Get your ass offa my couch!" LOL Guitar is TALKIN'!! (2) Thoughts - More traditional - like guitar intro. (3) Bits & Pieces - Small sound gradually layered into full sound .. awesome! Amazing guitar! (4) Only Son - Bass play dominant with lots of grunge to chew on! Love back up vox on your voice - adds to effect. Guitar workin' hard! (5) Misery - "Sweet misery won't you let me be"!!!! I KNOW THAT'S RIGHT! Tempo/rhythm rocks! Dark creeping sound. I feel like Misery is really coming after me! LOL (6) Heat - Errr... dare I say theme of this song on a public board? If you play this out and about, you might get arrested for inciting the public! :D Still, a fun song to jam to. (7) Big Butt Sister - More Back Door Boogie sound, which I love. Great for getting crowds jumping. "Richter scale 6.9" - HAHA!”