Insane Poetry / Press

“Check out Insane Poetry feat. JP tha Hustler in Murderdog Magazine 2007 discussing the new cd " Fallen From Grace " distributed thru Longrange Distribution/Koch”

“If your a fan of shocking and crazy videos of people getting shot, ran over, or people jumping to their death. Then don't buy this dvd it sucks plain and simple all it shows is the aftermath of people who died and it doesn't even tell you how the died all you see is people like cops and EMTs poking at a dead body. Waste of money and time save your money for something else like BANNED FROM TELEVISON... NOW THAT IS A GOOD DVD. Great music by INSANE POETRY and video " How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho appears at the end of the movie”

“Insane Poetry's ultraviolent release " Grim Reality " received 3 out of 5 mics!”