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“The musicianship is phenomenal, the songs are all for the most part very well composed, and vocalist Krelian does a masterful job creeping the shit out of you with his black metal vocals (which requires a great deal of talent despite common belief). The keys add a new dimension to the music; however whenever a black metal band decides to incorporate keys into the mix they run the inevitable risk of being compared to Dimmu Borgir. Ill tell you that while I do hear similarities between the two bands, Inquinok is a completely different animal. Their songs are much more progressive than the average black metal tunes out there and the central focus isnt Ohh! Look how fast I can play, or Listen how brutal I can make my voice sound. No the focus here was on making some fucking killer black metal and the band has succeeded with flying colours I mean frosty grimness. Ive got this shit on heavy rotation and I would recommend it to any metal fan out there. Great job guys.”

“One thing that separates this symphonic black metal band from others is the occasional solos throughout the album. Very well preformed and played through. All of the songs on this album are very well written with a few bad ass melodies and killer rifts as well as some hypnotizing symphony parts.”

“When describing Inquinoks Entranced By Twilights Gaze is concerned, epic is an understatement. With ten tracks of raw, melodic black metal from the Pacific Northwest, Entranced is an album every fan of black metal can embrace. Inquinok manage to mix the melody of Sweden and the raw, bleak atmosphere of Norway hailing from the land of Birkenstock sandals and pompous indie rock (a.k.a. Seattle, Washington). The riffs dance in unison with the keyboards, exuding a symphonic ambience while steering clear of the played-out symphonic black metal sounds popularized by Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth. The production is hardly an obstacle. If anything, it intensifies the already dark tone provoked by Krelians alluring guitar work and vocals. Someone sign these guys already!”

“Inquinok, “Immortal Dawn” is a no frills aural assault of the classic black metal formula. The production is very good for a self released title, which is becoming very common with the affordability of recording gear these days. It is nice to come across a band/engineer that knows how to use it. The guitar riffs are catchy. I have listened to the first track “Legions” three times already. The guitars sound exactly how they should, and the vocals are a spot on match for the style.”

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“Inquinok pedal a surprisingly refined, technical and melodic version of traditional black metal from that bastion of darkness and raininess, the state of Washington. Unlike most feaux-black metal pansies, I’d actually be legitimately frightened if I ran into these dudes whilst wandering around the forests of the Pacific Northwest. ”

“NW Deathfest 2005 review: Everytime I see them they only get better, Inquinok is one of the leading underground u.s. black metal acts. I was surprsied to see them without corpse paint and usual b.m. accessories, but my attention was quickly taken from that little detail and placed firmly on their music. The black metal I must admit was nice punctuation to the run on death metal sentence of the day, and I think the change helped everyone re-energize for those bands who followed. Inquinok performed as total pros and got intense crowd reaction throughout their set, the new keyboardist is a great addition to the band as well. If you haven't seen them...do it. ”

“NW Deathfest 2005 review (With Cannible Corpse, Sadus) A highlight was Inquinok, a Seattle-area band that put on a show which was nothing short of brilliant. Melodic and catchy, it was clear from the opening song that this was a band who knew a thing or two about not just metal, but about ROCKING like the big boys. The songs were huge and anthemic, exploring tempo and sound as much as blazing speed and pummeling rhythms, taking moments to let the spooky keyboard line set the tone, or to actually have fun with a riff. It’s obvious Inquinok have put some real thought both into the structure of their songwriting and how to put on a show – giving them a presence much larger than the stage they occupied. These guys could easily have a great future.”

“BlackenedFest featuring Mayhem Playing “Excidium” “Entranced by twilights gaze” from their first album “Entranced by twilights gaze” and “Torn” and “Legions” from their most recent album “Immortal dawn” Inquinok certainly executed a set that was both powerful, and well done. Even if they had played all their songs I am sure I would have not thought the set long enough to give them justice. ”