Innocent Man / Press

“Moments into feel-good leadoff song “Slow Nights in Idaho,” frontman Scott Sprague lays down the laid-back-lifestyle gauntlet. “Out on the road living my dream,” he brags gratefully. “Whiskey in the morning with my peaches and cream.” (Cue loose, organic, electric-guitar solo.) Steeped in jam-band influences, Innocent Man brings an enticing amount of variety to the show. There’s a splash of Allman Brothers-tinged guitar and keys to kick off “I-84.” Meanwhile, Kristin Burns adds Americana fuel to many tracks with her fiddle — not to mention change-of-pace lead vocals on group singalong “Henhouse.””

“This band is my latest guilty pleasure. It brings back the seventies like few others do...”

“...A Breath Of Fresh Air For The Boise Music Scene. Good Rock'n'Roll Rooted in Well Crafted Songs with Tight Vocal Harmonies. Go See Them!”

Jeff Crosby - Equaleyes

"Innocent Man rocked the house at The Summer Music Festival at Roseberry. They provided a full and complex mix of good ole rock and roll with a slight jam band twist. Innocent Man has all the usual parts, but the fiddle and keys make the experience unique, it makes you want to dance! Scott Sprague's lyrics are mature, fun, and uplifting, his voice carried throughout the entire venue. Proof they play good tunes...Both adults and kids danced in the grass all night long!"

"I was so pleased with Innocent Man's performances this past summer, particularly as the headlining band for our Locals' Night at the Summer Music Festival at Roseberry. Their qualify of instrumentation is superb and their group dynamic made for a clean and exciting sound. I think Scott Sprague's band leadership brings out the best of all the members' capabilities. Plus, he's a darned good singer. The McCall Folklore Society hopes to use the band many times in the future."

Lois Fry - McCall Folklore Society Vic-President - The Summer Music Festival at Roseberry