“EXCELLENCE author: Tabitha Kelly This album is great and very impressive. I listen to it frequently through the day with my mix of smooth jazz greats. The remarkable thing is that you could really put this album in with a mix of great jazz artists and it would effortlessly blend, but it is still unique enough to boldly stand out in its own right. How many artists get it this right on the first album?! Impressive! Innertwyned makes North Carolina proud!”

“Jaw-droppin'! author: Cliff Buckrham, Jr. Wow.....to hear the progression.....from phenomenal church musicians to mind-blowing, full-time artist........again, Wow. This cd gives some of everything: if you want to bang your head, slow drag with your significant other, or relax during some "me time"....it has it all. The instrumentation is rediculous.....and so professional. "Flow" is CRAZY!!!....and the guys with LeJeune Thompson on "When Your Life is Low" are running neck & neck with Joe Sample and Lalah Hathaway. This cd will not disappoint.....promise. AND GO SEE THEM LIVE!!!”

“WOW!!!!! author: Derek Booker Awesome arrangements and superior production. This is cruising with the top down stuff here. Will definitely be wearing the ipod out with this one. Not yet sure which is my favorite track - it's just that good!!! Hope to see them live.”

“From Conception to Reality author: Eric Jones I have been Blessed to see this Project Evolve from the ground up. This project is filled with Love,Spirit,Passion and Spontaneity. All of the music came straight from hearts of the Musicians, not music charts. This CD is a reminder of what can happen when you place a group of Dynamic, Annointed musicians in a studio and say "Let's have some fun doing what we love".”

“I LOVE IT!!!! author: Candi "Sugafoot" Herbin This is the hot CD! This band is super intelligent and creative. You can tell that they love what they do. Kenny and Rischard did they thing on track 7. You can almost taste how sexy it is!! This CD is a must have for your collection.”