Inner Terrestrials / Press

“IT are musical special brew. Something you can’t get enough of once you start and before long you know you are going to get knocked on your arse. War skanked the pace into a frenzy and sure enough people were collapsing into messy heaps. Squatters Rights was one for the old school and had me remembering the last one I helped open (it’s a bastard social security office now). Off With The Heads stomped all over the monarchy with steel toe capped Dr Martins and it was good to see that the place was now packed and going somewhat mad. Enter The Dragon caused utter carnage. The heavy parts had everybody kung fu fighting and the slower passages picking bodies up off the floor. IT finished off with the 2nd Clash cover of the night and no doubt Mr Strummer would have been beaming at this riotous version of Guns Of Brixton. Safe.”