Inner Temple / Press

"After listening to the full EP of Inner Temple, I was like: "Wow, I want more!" The riff at the beginning of "Red" was really awesome. The old but new sound of Grunge rock music. I really liked the way the lead singer (Dustin) sings. You can hear how real he was when he recorded the song. My favorite song is Father. It's really sad, and very deep. I really love the sound of the song. It helps me calm down. It makes me feel like I am swimming in the ocean, feeling free....They will be a great band of the 10's. I hope to hear more stuff soon."

Layne Solo of AlternativA. - Inner Temple EP Review.

"One hears the chunky riff of Red and is instantly taken to the comfort of heavy rockin' music. The music really grooves. The wailing at the end is the perfect touch. Next is Taste, which starts off with a cool melodic riff that feels like Smashing Pumpkins and Kyuss. The drums follow the groove pretty well too. The vocals instantly remind me of Tool. That influence makes its way to the surface of my mind for the rest of the sound as well. One just wants to rock out and headbang to this song. Next up is Father, sounding a bit softer. It feels very nice and flowy. A great song to just chill to and clear your mind. The end gets a bit energetic, and the lyrics show some thought and struggling with one's own presence. Next is Life Support. An acoustic song, this feels a bit emotional, but nice as well. Finally, there is End Song. This goes back to the groovey hard-rocking style. I can just picture rocking out to this in a garage. Overall I'd say I really like this collection of music."

“Now you guys know I love me some grunge, so when a powerful young grunge trio (the best type of grunge combo) shows up from my home state then you know something special is going to happen. Inner Temple play grunge in its purest and most glorious form, a band who are drunk on their own rock and roll energy and all the more mighty because of it. Yet Inner Temple are not at all decadent, they understand the spirit of grunge and invoke it in its purest form. Purists know that the Pennsylvania grunge scene is seeing some great things happen right now and Inner Temple is just one part of this. Their new EP (due to come out October 13th) captures the heart of the grunge movement in its roaring and bare bones glory. These guys are unpretentious and willing to do anything for their music and for that they are great. Rare is the band who really get grunge, and I feel like Inner Temple will definitely go far.”