Inner Image / Press

“The singer, Carlos, is a buff, energetic singer who knows how to sing so you can hear the words of his songs rather than a steady roar. The music is personable, angry and, in some instances, tender (For You). By the fourth song it was impossible not to go to straight to the front and rock out. All of the band members are tight, play with great synchronicity so you can hardly see one from the other, smooth. By the time they played The Right Price, the audience was in sync with the heavy, compelling rythmn of the drummer and almost compulsive guitar playing. ”

“Inner Image has a very "Texas metal" sound, which is my favorite kind of metal, so I'm a little bias with this review. The instrumentation is on point, all the way, with the guitars sounding crunching and creepy as hell. The vocals are great in the screaming areas, with good swells and aggression. The singing parts are performed well, although I could see the guys putting more melodies in the choruses. Overall, kick ass band right here, 10/10 in my book! ”