In Musth / Press

“I recently judged the Jersey City Battle of the Bands, which was loads of fun. Rock 'n' roll, beer, and lots of great folks- what more could I ask for on a Sunday afternoon?The winner of the contest was a great metal band called In Musth. They ripped friggin' balls and the drummer, Felipe Torres, was f@#king bananas. I haven't seen a drummer that awesome in ages! Unlike MTV's The Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Bon Jovi, In Musth makes me proud to be from New Jersey.”

"The New Jersey band In Musth chose their name based on the periodic (and not to mention extremely dangerous to humans) condition—musth—found in bull elephants... and for good reason. Whether translating musth as "madness," "intoxicated," or "in heat," upon first listen, Felipe Torres, Ed Charreun and Bryan Elkins will have your testosterone levels surging. This no holds barred trio, In Musth has recently completed their raging, self-titled six-song EP, which is a collection of highly aggressive rock/progressive/metal tunes and instrumentals. In Musth hits the road to promote their EP." -Steppin' Out Magazine