Inlet Sound / Press

“From the moment the first note sounds on the first track from the debut album of Ontario’s Inlet Sound, it’s clear that the two years spent working on The Romantics with producer Laurence Currie (Wintersleep, Hey Rosetta!) has allowed the band time to get it right. Lush arrangements meld banjo twangs, strings and piano harmonies into crests of percussive waves that carry you from the exhilaration of the peppy “Magnetic North” and nostalgic “Young Hearts” to the more contemplative “Canadian National” and hypnotic “Romantics II,” finally depositing you safely on the shores of lyrical heart-wrenchers like “Mail-Order.” Fans of Great Lake Swimmers or Mumford and Sons will likely fall hard for Inlet Sound’s romantic folk-pop melodies. Don’t fight it if it feels right. (It will.)”

“On their debut album, Toronto-by-way-of-Hamilton folk-rockers Inlet Sound wear their influences on their sleeves – notably the Weakerthans, the Decemberists and Mumford & Sons. Produced by Laurence Currie (who’s worked with Wintersleep and Hey Rosetta!), The Romantics has an impressively lush sound for a debut. The core trio of vocalist/acoustic guitarist Michael Wexler, pianist Sean Hardy and multi-instrumentalist Steven Gore is backed by drums, bass, strings and French horn. The band is best when busiest, as on brisk single Magnetic North. Wexler’s vocals are front and centre in the mix, a good thing, although his delivery can come across as cool. The album lags in the middle, but there’s an admirable return to a musical theme on the reprise of the opening title track. Also, great cover artwork.”

“True to its painterly cover, Inlet Sound’s debut is a pleasant, breezy little album, evoking the joy of casting off and leaving the world behind. Term papers be damned! The Toronto band specializes in a particularly jubilant style of Decemberists-esque folk pop, concerned with nothing but the grandest gestures and melodies — “Romantics to the end,” as they claim. Frontman Michael Wexler’s voice is hopelessly geeky, but charming in its passionate desire to be heard far and wide. The album roughly follows the arc of a voyage; “Romantics 1” is a joyous departure from land, filled with the momentum of unknown possibility. “Mail-Order” is a midway lull, calmer and slower than the songs surrounding it. Closer “Mademoiselle,” with its narrator getting ready for a date, is like the start of another story altogether, perhaps a more down-to-earth tale Inlet Sound can tell the next time we meet them.”

“Ontario’s very own folk-pop group Inlet Sound, have released their new anticipated album The Romantics. Released on October 16th, the album is calming and refreshing to hear, and reaches right up to the ranks of Mumford & Sons. A definite tune to watch out for is “Mademoiselle” which has shown a great liking to with the fans when the video for it came out around last December. (If you have not heard it yet, check it out in the video below.) Using an intricate level of instruments in their music, it is difficult to dislike a track. Some favorites are “Romantics I” and “Romantics II”, “Magnetic North” and “Mail-Order”. The band shows true growth and originality. Charmed by acoustic guitars, mandolins and Canadiana folk pop? Check The Romantics out, it will not disappoint. Ideal listening for the Fall season.”