Inky Glass / Press

“As for RCB Novus Ordo: Standout debuts out of the 8 I spun on the 3/28/10 edition include Inky Glass, Ben Bedford, and Radagun. Inky Glass is Heidi Kolman, who walks apparent parallels in her music and songwriting. There's a quiet magnetic pull there that you'll either pick up on or not. I can say, after repeated listens, that I do, and I'm a fan.”

“Inky Glass has a raw, genuine delivery and a somewhat ironic songwriting style. Her lyrics take you by surprise, and while they may be a little dark, they do display a clever use of words.”

"...Glass' stark, simple explanations provide a more artistic view than the most high-brow poetry... Miss Fit represents the mostly lucid triangulations of a mind that's traveled life's emotional rough waters.

"She is definitely a talent, singer Inky Glass. She lets With her debut CD "Miss Fit" a huge impression on me...she sings in a way that the inside of the human brain in stirring vigorously. Twenty minutes is the singer and understated then raw and furious..."

“Raw, unadulterated NYC singer/songwriter, Inky Glass, shows off her brand-new Luna Guitar (courtesy of Indiegrrl) in her sensual, introspective and emotional half-hour set at WomensRadio’s Guerrilla Showcase in late August, 2009.”

“ Inky Glass has a unique sound with an amazing voice that fans of Blues & Folk music will find refreshing. She makes music from the heart and soul that is full of passion and energy. In this recent spotlight with our Webzine, Inky allows us to get up close and personal with the artist.”

“Inky Glass is a distinctive sound in music, and an acquired taste.”