Erica Lindsay Sumi Tonooka 4tet / Press

“Backed by the distinguished Reid on bass and the late, great Bob Braye on drums, Initiation is a no-nonsense straight jazz date full of solid performances, but it's the compositions contributed equally by Lindsay and Tonooka that put this record a little above the crowded field of well-made post-bop records that come out every year.”

“Sumi Tonooka is a pianist in the style of Mulgrew Miller and Kenny Barron, and gigs with Rufus Reid and violinist John Blake, Jr.”

“Erica Lindsay is a tenor saxophonist with the brawn of Joe Henderson and the soulful speech of Joe Lovano, and currently works with Oliver Lake, Howard Johnson and Jeff Siegel.”

“On frequent rotation at the showroom since I obtained an advance copy. I highly recommend this recording. ”

“With Initiation, Erica Lindsay and Sumi Tonooka offer up a fresh and adventurous take on the piano trio and saxophone quartet format.”

“Tonooka and co-leader Lindsay are rather under-recorded—a handful of CDs for Tonooka as a leader, a couple for Lindsay. It seems a rectification of that situation is underway...”

“It is a sense of a fearless voyage of discovery and, often, an informed abandon and spontaneity that defines Initiation.”

“Lindsay and Tonooka make a great pair and they chose a superb rhythm section to join them. Prepare to be initiated into the Sumi Tonooka/Erica Lindsay fan club!”

“This album will take you on quite a journey, from emotional ballads, to spiritual quests, to quirky blues, to deep swing and beyond.”

“Two incredibly gifted women and their powerful music.”

“[Erica’s] profound soul-searching technique straddles Coltrane’s spirituality and Joe Henderson's fiery versatility, making hers a name to watch...”

Bob Margolis - Ulster Publications

“Sumi Tonooka brings to the music a formidable presence as a composer, player and leader that cannot be denied… a must listen…”


“Initiation, the dynamic new Artists Recording Collective CD by pianist Sumi Tonooka (pronounced To-NO-ka) and tenor saxophonist Erica Lindsay, showcases their shared skills as composers and bandleaders.”

Ann Braithwaite - Press Release