Inherited Infection / Press

“Great band dark and heavy to the core... The Almighty Fallen”

“Ican't get die alone out of my head now that's how u make a hit and my friends u got it.. ROCK ON!!!! MUCH LOVE!!!~ MACK BO”

“inherited infection totally rock's their lyric's and song's are so amazing each musician is so amazing everybody should take a listen to inherited infection”

“excellent work!! Metal Regards!!”

“Great riffage and flow to your tunes, nice breakdowns aswell, keep up the good work!”

“Love the music...Definitely looking forward to hearing more, keep up the good work”

"gr8 songs and genuinly awesome work keep going inherited infection. hope u infect the whole world"

“great job!!! Keep up the wonderful work!”

"lost hope is a very good song. cheers"

“Aw man, "Lost Hope" is a powerful and amazing song!...You guys sound excellent!”

“WOW!! That's a high energy sound with great vocals. Die All Alone is a great composition, produced very well. Keep slammin' that vice guys!”

“die all alone ~ nice guitars..vocals..awesome!”

“dude really like "die all alone". good stuff :) respect! :)”

"Die All Alone" just loved it!!!\m/

Deepak Yadav (Fan)

"Die All Alone" : dude, such an awesome song! keep it up, i loved the guitar solo in the end!

Karim Dean Anselmo (Fan)