“Musically "Dissolve" is a stand-out track from the album, with a heavy mix of dark melodies and fast-paced drumming to rival many black metal bands. The use of oriental style influences in "Dissolve" are particularly grabbing.”

“The album has more dark tones than "2012", and certainly is more progressive and melodic, which coupled with the dual-vocals of brother/sister pairing VJ and Caitlin give the album alot more depth and contrast.”

“I like her performance more - she seems to fit the musical style well and is great at expressing the emotion of the songs. Vincent James has a clear voice, Vincent James compliments her well and together they are quite good.”

“Musically, the CD contains mostly mid-paced/crunchy gothic metal, but there are flashes of speed, and it's all highlighted by the symphonic elements and there are even some songs that have a slight folky feel. It's a fairly dark and emotional CD (after all, it's about love)”

“One of my favorites. ‘Beauty. Lust. A Fake Love’ includes a very big dramatic keyboard reminisce of Phantom (Of The Opera).”

“The middle eastern tinged (which is nicely creepy) ‘Dissolve’ includes splashes of Dimmu Borgir circa “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant”, the whole arrangement smoothly transitions a couple tempo (the drums get real crazy and it works) and melody changes with a strong chorus.”

“Musically what immediately struck me was Stephens amazing drum sound, a real machine gun ‘rat a tat tat’ if ever there was. Also the combination of hard hitting Metal riffs skilfully interwoven with some sublime piano pieces make this an album to be reckoned with.”

“The dual vocal sound comes across well, I must admit I was a bit dubious before hearing it but Caitlin’s voice is a real gem, full of emotion and subdued power. Brother Vincent thankfully produces a clean vocal sound to compliment, rather than over power his siblings efforts, this is best demonstrated on the superb, hard hitting ‘One With The System’ with it’s immense sing a long chorus.”

“It’s rare that you find an American symphonic band that can actually mirror some of the best work coming from Western Europe. Most don’t really want to, I mean, what’s that keyboard thing for anyway. But New Jersey based Stephen Megna, AKA Stoki Megtooth, has done just that, and he does it without a lot of help. There’s two vocalists, a brother and sister combo, Vincent James& Caitlin Meehan. Dissolve is one of the finest cuts I’ve heard in any type of music. Killer symphonics, the choral thing, truly a fooking monster. ”

“Stephan is a remarkable and very talented multi-instrumentalist, the songs are full of twinkling piano, rich orchestrations, deep down and dirty guitar riffage, skilled shredding and not surprisingly as he’s a drummer, he loves to put in short bursts of machine gun drum work. This is a set of catchy melodic songs with a dark dramatic gothic vibe that really rumble along at quite a rate Their music similar to Angtoria and Epica, but with the growls replaced by Vincent’s clean rock singing, Caitlin and her excellent rock opera type voice being the dominant force, her brother playing a more supporting role. Europeans will absolutely love it to death, and if you wish that Mark Jansen would sing rather than grunt, this is perfect for you.”