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"...To be completely honest with you, once I received the debut full-length from The Ukraine's Infinite Tales, dubbed "Only The Beginning", I had absolutely no idea what I was in for, than I put said CD into the player and for 14-songs and one hour I sat listening with my jaw on the floor in stunned admiration for the music that was emanating from my speakers. The songs are just so unrelenting and unapologetic that it is an easy CD to love and play again and again. Infinite Tales hail from the Ukraine and they play a melodic and technical brand of thrash metal mixed with traditional metal elements, they also feature the duel male/female vocals of Kiwi (female) and Zolik (male), who present two styles that could not be any more different from one another, a trait that really propels "Only The Beginning"..."

"...The bulk of this ‘Only The Beginning’ is based on Swedish melodic death. It seems the band have been listening well to acts such as At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames and Soilwork and that will not surprise you. The album opens with a cinematic intro and has with the instrumental track ‘Bridge Going Down’ and the outro similar, atmospheric tracks. In between there is ample room for the Swedish death, mostly similar to the early work of In Flames. Although here and there the band gives its own twist, that what the band lacks is any form of originality. But can I resent such a young act on their first release for this? One of the characteristics of the music is the enormous cavity between the pitch-black shrieking by Zolik and the soft as velvet vocals by Kiwi. Something you’ll come across in a band like Deadlock as well. And just as with the German act it provides an absolute enrichment..."

"...Glorf: It has been especially hard for me as I had to be present at the studio with Morton (the sound producer) literally every day in the course of a 6-month period, not merely during the guitar recording session. I wanted to shoot myself – or someone - dead by the end of it. Morton must have wanted to do so too. It must have been insanely hard to put up with us for that long, I suppose. It’s a good thing we’re close friends with him. Recording guitars gave me an enormously valuable new experience. Studio recording reveals all your mistakes, the evenness of your playing, for instance. I’ve learnt a lot of things anew thanks to this recording..."

Glorf - Interview for THE GATES OF METAL

"...Infinite Tales is a rather unique melodeath band and this single containing 3 songs was a pleasant surprise. Amoxicillin...Extermination is strictly melodic death metal with influences from heavy,power and thrash in the musicianship that is very good. The vocals are of the beauty and the beast style and the the beauty is rather operatic and excellent. No gothic metal or symphonic metal found here which is what makes Infinite Tales unique in the crowded melodeath genre. I am very much looking forward to a full length release..."

John Wiliam - Froster

"...Итак... "Amoxicillin...Extermination"... Весьма труднопроизносимое и сложно запоминаемое название... Что же оно несёт в себе и какие проблемы скрывает за обилием букв? Вникнув в тексты, становится понятно, что ребята отошли от шаблонов несчастливой любви и прочих подобных тематик, присущих группам подобного стиля, а затронули довольно-таки актуальный для современного общества вопрос - экологические аспекты нашей жизни, процессы истощения окружающей среды собственными же действиями и поступками... ..."

Glorin - УкрТяжМет

“THE GATES OF METAL ALBUM OF THE MONTH (NOVEMBER 2009) Infinite Tales are from Ukraine and they have a new LP called "Only The Beginning". I am totally amazed and addicted to this LP, I love everything: Two power Voices, Riffs, Melody's, rhythmic, lyrics and also the artwork! This young band have so much talent and for me they will be a big band in a very close future and we will listen great things about them too. So, buy this amazing LP and listen for yourselves and you will be surrounded for Infinite Tales magic...because, they definitely do not play around with Metal quality!”

“BEST NEW ACT: 1- INFINITE TALES - Only The Beginning (www.myspace.com/infinitetalesmetal) 2- THE SPEKTRUM - Daemonicus Awakening (www.myspace.com/thespektrum) 3- LUNA OBSCURA - Feltia (www.myspace.com/lunaobscuraband)”

"...Весь наш звук и качество записи обязаны Максу Мортону (Morton Studio & Morton band). Более талантливого человека в плане звукозаписи мне встречать еще не приходилось, по крайней мере, в Украине. Второй альбом также будем писать вместе с Мортоном. Всем рекомендуем!) ..."

"...Only The Beginning es uno de esos discos que nos dejan un gran sabor de boca y en los que podemos encontrar nuevos elementos de calidad conforme vamos escuchándolo, y claro que esperamos que el titulo se convierta en promesa: “Only The Beginning”… que así sea, que sea solo el principio para esta prometedora banda Ucraniana..."

"...El mejor ejemplo lo encontramos prácticamente al inicio del disco con el tema “Amoxicillin...Extermination” excelente tema en verdad, las guitarras se muestran potentes y claras en perfecta combinación con la acelerada batería, Zoilk es el encargado de imprimir la furia a través de growls que se complementan muy acertadamente con los casi operísticos aportes de su vocalista femenina llamada Kiwi en un estribillo brutalmente ejecutado y bien armado..."

““Running Away” es de lo más valioso en el disco también, las potentes melodías se muestran desde un inicio pero lo más relevante me parece, es la excelente combinación que se hace con los riffs y la participación de la antes mencionada Kiwi, la cual brinda a cada momento un toque de misticismo dentro de la escena caótica de la canción.”