Infinite Sinewave / Press

“I broke all the rules on this one,” says Demian Feldman, also known as the Los Angeles based electro producer and singer, Infinite Sinewave. And indeed he did just that. His newest song, ‘Return’ opens with sparse percussion and an ominous bassline before it breaks into his original vocals, which have been chopped and screwed quite a bit. He is then joined by a powerful morphing acid bass part which drives the drop. Stay tuned for the second drop, which is even more massive. ‘Return’ is both experimental and accessible, with danceable beats and a catchy hook to keep it grounded as Infinite Sinewave experiments with textures. Grab a free download on his Soundcloud.”

“The mad scientist Infinite Sinewave (Demian Feldman) is at it again! This time in the form of a 1 hour set which will be live streamed compliments of SavageNight.net. In only a few months this California native has redefined what we know as "live performances" in electronic music. Which is shown true considering his track/video titled "Nothing Wasted" had reached 50k views in only the first few days with little to no promotion. Sinewave uses a combination of pad equipment, neon colors, and crazy costumes to create some of the most unique and brain twisting videos, all the while showcasing his incredible mixing abilities.”

“Infinite Sinewave has single - handedly changed my outlook on electronic music and the shows I have gone to. I know I am not alone on this one because within the first few days his video of "Nothing Wasted" has almost gotten 50K views on YouTube. As the ages of time go on it's obvious that the human appreciation for craftsmanship becomes less and less. We want something nice and we want it fast we don't care how it's made. This is why producers are pumping out song after song month in and month out. You sit down on your ableton and within a few hours you can have a song to release. This is not the case though for Infinite Sinewave, for his performances are physical evidence of how much hard work and creativity go into each song. He has shown that the constant arguments of "button pusher" performances versus physical performances can finally be at peace and in fact merge as one. This is if you are talented enough of course, which Infinite most certainly is.”

“Here’s a dual-QuNeo synth jam, Infinite Sinewave’s Nothing Wasted. The live performance features QuNeo, Massive and Ableton Live.”

“Infinite Sinewave puts on a great show in this video for Nothing Wasted. Although the iPad is only tagentially used in this video, I know a lot of you are excited about Kieth McMillen's QuNeo, and his performance on the controller is pretty virtuoso.”