Infinita Symphonia / Press

"[...] But when a band like Infinita Symphonia comes along, it becomes clear that we need to push ourselves away from the musical table, and just enjoy. "A Mind's Chronicle" is satisfying in so many ways. It goes beyond cookie cutter power metal, and dances in the realms of symphonic glory and progressive punch. It isn't enough to say this one is good or bad. This album is special."

"[...]Musically, the guys from Rome are in top form: beautiful, melodic compositions run like a golden thread through the whole record – there´s no single second of boredom. Every song is placed exactly at the right spot on the tracklist and so you simply want more and more and more. A brilliant debut."

"[...]...and overall these 10 tracks (plus “Intro (verted)” the introduction) are another steady example of the seemingly infinite Italian talent pool. Songs like “I Believe In You” and “Planet Universe” put out all of the guitar harmonies, speed tricks and high pitched vocals plus bells and whistles to impress the listener from the get go.[...]"

“[...]I am convinced, in fact, that if these five guys were born in Finland, for example, all the Italian media (and, consequently, all the Metalheads of our country) they would be to praise the new Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica or new, to mention just two names remotely approach the sound of this band![...]”

"[...]"A Mind's Chronicle" contains music conceived during song writing, but never cold and calculated, because the Infinita Symphonia at the right time traveling on the loose and let themselves go with emotions.[...]

"The band, playing a particularly intense progressive metal and inspired by the poetic characteristics, with very strong grain power. We could write many words that this band is like saying to that group or that other and maybe there are strong influences of other best-known and most successful formations. Instead we do not write any of that, simply because this group has its own style ...[...]"

“[...] The participation of Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire) and Tim Owens (former Judas Priest) are just the icing on the cake for a job in and of itself is very valuable, yet another episode light on the qualities of a band which alone succeeded with their own emotional and powerful compositions to dig a hole in our interest.[...]”

“[...]This brings us to the aforementioned "The Illusion", one of the best power ballads I have ever heard in my "career" intro piano and guitar as light as snow, the uvula of Micioni in the verses that literally caresses the notes up chorus explode in orgasm, the zenith of abundant 5 minutes of power symphonic feel as if they rarely around. The goosebumps I took 1 second left in the 330 th, absolute enjoyment, and here the suspicion of being in the presence of a great album becomes pure reality.[...]”

“[...]Is a disc to listen carefully, beyond any shadow of doubt, and is a record where the landmarks are so many, from progressive metal - echoes of Dream theater and Fates Warning - at the riding power of Angra Stratovarius, via spray unexpected extreme adding thickness to a debut certainly worth.[...]”

"[...]The keyboards swell the sound of songs like "Planet Universe", an inspired example of prog / power arranged and played in an exemplary manner in which technical and emotional counterbalance each other.[...]"

"You know those moments when you heard milestones like Iron Maiden´s The Number of the beast, Dream Theater´s Images and words or Queensryche´s Operation Mindcrime. True hallelujah moments that doesn´t happen that often nowadays, until the release of Italian symphonic metal band Infinita Symphonia´s debut album "A minds chronicle"[...]"

"[...] Everything about this band is simply right; good musicians, fantastic guitar playing, atmospheric key tunes that unlike many colleague bands in this genre only dominate when necessary and fantastic vocals.[...]"