Inferno Of Joy / Press

"Inferno of Joy is a band that creates music that matters, with a fresh, uncompromising sound that is merciless to those that come unprepared."

“In 2006, Sean Heskett traveled to Cambodia to find Hugh Yerburgh. The men were bandmates in Phoenix Thunderstone, which imploded in 2002; Heskett describes his time after the breakup as a very dark period. He finally shook it off and, driven with the passion to start another band, searched out Yerburgh on the other side of the world. Reunited during a monsoon, they started working on songs together in a guesthouse - and thus sparked Inferno of Joy. The rest of the band came together in San Francisco and Heskett, the group's lead singer, says the synchronicity of the full band is like a family. Delivering a slice of punk rock with a driving edge and sexy glam, Inferno of Joy just might set your ears on fire. Lineup: Sean Heskett, vocals; Hugh Yerburgh, guitar; Tom Mitchell, bass; Ricky Wayne Garrett, drums. ”