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"As good as the debut (Emissary of Steel) was The Avenging Phoenix buries it in the sand. From the production and mix to Volpe’s outstanding vocals, to the incredible guitar work.This is the album that should get labels off their asses to see what all the fuss is about."

"INFERNAL OPERA will take many people home to the days of BITCH, HALLOW'S EVE and even early SLAYER..."

““I like it! … I’m a sucker for the female vocals and the male reminds me of Howie from Heretic/Metal Church…. Good, classic METAL. Sounds like I reached into my old CD collection.””

"Their occult-flavored style of metal was energetic, and lead singer Volpe brought the theatrical element to the show, starting and ending the set dressed in a hooded cloak and generally gesturing wildly with the music. On one song she even brought out a skull (appropriately named *Yorik) to wave around while she sang, growled, and belted high notes, demonstrating impressive versatility."

"The title track rips the lid off the album from the opening minutes, but pales in comparison to what is about to come"

““It rocks! Very cool Power Metal with very well placed blasts of Thrash and Speed! Like the band name suggests, an aggressive operatic vocal style! I enjoyed it immensely!” ”

"Just took Infernal Opera's "Emissary of Steel" for a spin and it brought me back to some of the great 80's power thrash I really dug. Nice production and all around excellent performances from the band. Kudos gang, job well done!"

"..... embodies the true heart, soul, drive, spirit, and dedication to Heavy Metal that all of us should!"

" Mike, big big props to you and infernal opera. All my respect to you my friend!! Dude you've earned the respect.... You are definitely a class act"

" Into the Pit Nation needs to check out Infernal Opera....This hard working band jumps ...in with... Pure Metal Chaos Tour unleashing their symphonic metal on the Philadelphia region \m/ I first saw these guys at the Stadium Bar and Grille last May 2011 and I was very impressed on what they had going on here. It was music to my ear drums, Infernal Opera is truly one act you can't miss in this area.... i definitely need more Infernal Opera! "

"....you guys are one of the best bands and down to earth, real people we ever dealt with..."

"...I hope people realize how much trouble it is to do half what you have done. Thanks for your effort bro."

Daniel Dunphy, CORE DEVICE(Heaven And Hell Records) - Facebook

“Re: The 4/2010 performance at Championships in Trenton, NJ; "...still the most intense drum performance of the year..."”

BB Ballinger, POWER THEORY(Pure Steel Records) - Facebook

“You still hold the best performance I've seen from a drummer, this year. No one come close to your skills, IMHO"”

“I didn't think anything new could happen in the world of METAL. I was wrong.”