In Fell Traitors / Press

“Your band is weird as shit.”

Brandon Howard - Red Iron Push

“the lyrics are out of this world briliant”

The Silence - Reverb Nation

“You've got such a beautiful but somehow fearful voice!”

Unknownself - Reverb Nation

“Transmissions from the milky cataracts of retired bartenders who've seen it all, rolled it up, and served it on stale toasted hoagies”

Greg Leatherman - Reverb Nation

“This is the best poet on RN. If James Joyce wrote songs, this is what he would write.”

Randy Vera - Reverb Nation

“You have more creativity and sense of soul in your little finger the top 20 singers/songs combined. NO DOUBT. And NOT just cuz your little finger weighs 82 pounds.”

Scrumpy The Flea

“I'm really enjoying "Beautiful" and "Heavy On" in particular, but it's impossible to pick a favorite.”

Kevin Byrne - Morrison's Prophecy

“In Fell Traitors is exactly the sort of music I would make, if I did make music.”

Ewan Wadharmi - In Fell Traitors

“Serial Killer Chic with a Rockabilly infusion. Definitely dark and contemplative.”

Foxman - Reverb

“Ewan..using limited resources to create rich, atmospheric distortion-drenched short films projected only thru the music. And fantastic to hear the long-forgotten sub-genre of "dance names" being ressurected with "Perp Walk"..Love your vocals, and they really come thru strongest on "wish I could write you a song" which is just beautiful, tender and happy to sit alongside the best output of Nick Cave. Just love music that is so close to dangerous!”

“it's almost like a modern troubador music!”

“Are you a commie?”

“I wish my PO would give my music a review...”

“It takes a steady hand. Butterfingers!”

“You knocked my block off!”

Rock 'em Sock 'em - Robots

“You sank my Battleship!”

Eve Hell - and the Razors

“Signs are cloudy, ask again later.”

Magic 8 Ball - Hasbro

“really cool songs. refreshingly different.”

“totally dark and disturbing. great stuff!”

“Wow such your own sound! Love your voice. I really love I wish I could write you a song. So simple and pure. So glad I found you. ”

“You have a very interesting sound- it's raw, almost Nine inch Nails meets Dylan. So cool!”

“Wish you could write us a song, we love them. Black Sperm Blessings, brother.”

“Wish I could Write You a Song very lyrical as well as a great composition. Great sound!”

“Wish I could Write You a Song is especially moving for me.”

“Wish I could Write You a Song...a masterpiece!!”

“Keep it up ladies!”

Fat Wreckords - Fat Mike thinks I'm a lady. A lovely lady.

“We lurk hard...so you don't have to.”

Dirk Alley - Stalker-by-proxy

“This kills in France.”

Dr. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin - Cake eatery

“No Virus Threat Detected: Heavy On mp3”

Yahoo Mail

“He should consider vocal training.”

My Mother-In-Law - The Grapevine

“Oh I get it, like infiltrators? Hahaha that is so retarded. Here's your cup.”

Janet Starling - Parole Officer, Denver Dept. of Corrections