“INFECTION’s is a four-piece punk and grunge band from Kaliningrad, Russia. I heard their EP What Is The Truth and I was transported to the early 90s grunge era when Nirvana and Pearl Jam were the belles of the modern rock ball (ironically Pearl Jam is back and charting high with “Sirens” but that’s another story…). It’s reminiscent of an interesting period in music, but it also has the depth that sometimes is lacking in the punk/grunge world. I am going to compare some of their tracks to an onion with many layers. These layers consist of their own take on their influences including Muse, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Black Flag, Mudhoney, and Sonic Youth. You can find their stuff on Soundcloud and/or Reverb Nation. They are worth a listen and a share with your audience.”

“Stay” is a perfect rock - metal - grunge song with a sound to tickle Soundgarden fans. The vocals and melody are truly astounding and it has a strong chorus with excellent lyrics”

Olivia Montez - Bryan Farrish

“Flower” This track starts with some cool heavy riffs. It is a very energetic and exciting song with some aggressive and sharp vocals. With explosive drums, “Flower” will satisfy the ears of fans of Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana”

Reviewed by Olivia Montez, Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

“INFECTION's "Born to Be Wild" is just that, infectious rock at it's most wild! This song is just one of the winning rockers from thier album,What is the Truth. Russia is the home of this band ready to win over the US. Rich layers of guitar wail as the strong rock beat drives on. The guitar lead line wails like progressive rock at it's finest. The vocals start softly than grow to a growl as the song reaches a peak and then ends, leaving you wanting more. Fans of Led Zeppelin, Allman Brothers, and David Bowie will all want to quickly add Infection's to their favorites.”

June Caldwell - Bryan Farrish