Inertia Justice / Press

“My Words Exposed May 18, 2013 Michael Golden The Popup Poetry Spot will host an open mic featuring Inertia Justice for NE Houston’s high school students, My Words Exposed will begin at 6:30 p.m. at Gemini Business Solutions located at 8341 Tidwell Rd. My Words Exposed is an open mic event that will give urban youth an opportunity to share their words and their worlds. This is the first event of its kind. This is a four part series that occurs monthly from May 29th to Aug 28th, locations will vary. TPPS is an organization of Houston poets who present their work to audiences that may not be exposed. Proceeds will be donated to Baby Girl Incorporated is a non-profit organization that seeks to pamper and prepare women of all ages. Inertia Justice BGI’s national spokesperson and the headliner for TPPS, is using her talent to reach the youth in Northeast Houston. “Sometimes it’s enough just to be heard.” Inertia Justice says. This event is being sponsored by Poets & Writer”

“Earliest available dates from May 6 - 21, 2013 To hear samples of Inertia's work go to http://www.inertiajustice.com/ Inertia feature sets vary in length, some are 15 min set others are 45 min sets. Inertia's dynamic range affords her the comfort of performing in any setting. She has sets that appeal to the "Socially Conscious/ Political" audience, the "Love Jones" audience, the "Spiritual" audience and the "Entertain Me" audience. An Inertia show is always fluent, informative and entertaining. Her down to earth demeanor is irresistible to men and women alike. Fees vary, according to the responsibility for flight, lodging and advertising. We offer group rate for venues that my want to share the cost of hosting this spectacular talent. For more information about Inertia please visit the website today! www.inertiajustice.com or contact Alicia Pickens for booking information at booking@inertiajustice.com.”