Industrial Jazz Group / Press

“...terrific, all swinging craziness, like Stan Kenton smoking all his band's dope and cleaving Mingus' ax with an ax. We love it... funny swinging stuff with clumps of European music and Zappoid art rock and cabaret tossed in...”

“With a greater emphasis on vocals this time, [IJG's] "LEEF" comes off as a kind of modern light opera, telling a slapstick story of artistic alienation and vehicular devastation. You will not be bored.”

“It is rare indeed to discover someone capable of writing music that is both forward-thinking and accessible to virtually anyone; Industrial Jazz Group's Andrew Durkin is one such composer...”

“Durkin's ear for catchy, peppy tunes, and his ability to spread them among his web of musical voices, has an Ellingtonian touch to it... it's possible to imagine composers citing Durkin as an influence someday.”