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" If you are a fan of the dirty-reggae-punk sound that Sublime�s live shows were chock full of, you�ll be a fan of this Austin three-piece" -Sean Claes, INSITE Austin

Sean Claes - INSITE Austin

"This trio hailing from Austin, TX play reggae and ska with just a hint of punk rock inspiration. The songs for the most part are low-key affairs, but the occasional riff threatens to knock you on your ass." -Snobsmusic.net, August 21, 2010

Snobs Music.net - Snobsmusic.net

"If you're a fan of the group Sublime and like vibrant and energetic songs, then you will definitely want to hear the outstanding songs on the album, "2X Broken." -Diane & RadioIndy Review

“Similar in overall vibe to Sublime’s 40oz to Freedom, this is a great album for the center of a party or just kicking back and letting your mind wander.”

“The band's fusion of several genres (alternative punk rock band, with reggae, ska, funk, and hip-hop) into one melodious tune is what makes Indofin the band to watch out for in the coming years.”

“Big Fun correspondent DJ TRoLL recently talked to Justin Cook, a singer with Austin, Texas-based Indofin about the band’s love of Houma. ”

"The music is solid and pulls on all the different musical styles mentioned before to keep the entire album fresh. Each new song brings a new musical flavor into the mix. If you're looking to hear some adult gritty style music then this release should fill your needs."

“THIS IS A MUST-HAVE FOR SKA/REGGAE LOVERS. Reviewer Tammy wrote: "This CD changes up every song to different styles that throw you all over the place. You hear a bit of reggae, ska, rock, rap, punk, etc. It's all there and done very well. A very unique sound." ”

"Snappy as hell, killer mix, love the groove. This is a radio ready track by professionals, I hear a band that needs to be signed by a major. A MAJOR LABEL!!! "

"Indofin is a sixpiece ska band who dynamically fuse elements of dub, hiphop, punk and reggae into a heart-felt package that you might as well label, "Fuck You If You're Not Feeling Us!" "Indofin are a fun loving group of punker sluts who represent music of extreme moral worth or value"

"Estos ninos si que son un lubricante contaminante de ritmos ya que en el escenario parecen una licuadora, porque no paran de moverse, se suben a los amplificadores, se bajan, se tiran al suelo, pero sobre todo porque mezclan el ska, el punk, con chispas de reggae y hard rock "